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Business Introduction

Business types include LCL, FCL, bulk stray and roll-on roll-off transport goods, business covers all over the world.We are with many ship-owners established a long-term, good relations of cooperation,. Whether in the freight side surface, or in terms of the guarantee of shipping space, get the support of each owner, so as to serve our clients better service created many favorable conditions. The high air freight shipping operation business and common development.Company to cooperate with clients, combined with its geographical position, ship the port of destination, price and time requirements, a reasonable choice by the zhengzhou airport and Beijing airport, Shanghai, tianjin airlines, all-round to meet customer demand.We have professional customs broker, providing customers with "a day type services", namely: in the case of documents is complete, a day to complete customs clearance and port formalities.At the same time have a professional team, to provide delivery to door service, also can arrange domestic rail transit.International transportation insurance to professional and premium rate is favorable, the single and quick