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Transformation of railway modern logistics needs to have broken

AUTHOR:admin PUBLISHED:2015-05-22 CLICK:正在读取
Recently, the China railway corporation has made a "deepening the reform of railway freight transportation, promote the development of railway transformation to modern logistics" decisions, and put forward the "strive to use three years time to railway development to become the world first-class modern logistics enterprise" goal.

Establish a world-class modern logistics enterprise, not only looks and sounds like a big subject, is actually a great transformation of railway transportation, involving operation mode change.Operate up will certainly exist many problems, such as system, mechanism, the thought, the process does not adapt.So, railway "snaps" turn around this time, need to get out the confidence and determination, break the shackles of the old and established to adapt to the modern logistics operation system.

Realize the real meaning of transition, there is need to have a break.So break what, what?Also need railway departments have a good practical and market needs, to think deeply about.

The author thinks that: broken, will break the old thinking, break the old management methods, to break the old business model.The thinking mode of the original "contraband" fit all must break, for suitable for short-distance transport of emerging industries such as precision instruments, a strategic material aspects is the top priority of first choice.And railway has its inherent advantage in this respect, the railway itself has low cost, long distance, all-weather, the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection in the transportation system in a leading position.Since the past only focused on old railway thinking in transport of goods to force along the railway transportation way can only be sought through the way such as highway.And growing retail goods demand has given rise to the supernormal growth of the road transport, road congestion is stunning, of traffic jam, car tail gas pollution become a sting.Therefore, both in the development of green transport, or service social the public and social responsibilities, the necessity and urgency of railway are facing transformation.Downward pressure is the most critical as the economy and the development and change of industrial structure adjustment, relying on traditional "fence" the railway transportation more and more tired, with small batch high value-added "heroin" market is showing vitality.Therefore, vigorously develop modern logistics industry in the market "heroin", become the new direction for breakthrough in the railway.

Stand, is to implement the transformation of railway modern logistics to use.On the one hand, by express, scattered express and other new railway transport business, greatly shorten the time limit, shipped is easy and convenient.Especially in railway freight on the network to accept, "physical" transport and logistics services, one-stop service, the price of the goods by rail fees, an account business accounting, implementation "door to door" transportation, in ensuring that development achieved a major breakthrough in the freight market, simplifies the online acceptance procedures, reduce the online approval process, improve the efficiency of the freight to undertake, fundamentally improved the customer feel.On the other hand rail in a timely manner to the electronic commerce has become an important fulcrum, transformation of 95306 is hit to cause trading net station large market.Website by providing e-commerce services for railway freight transportation, "I want to delivery" open business for railway freight transportation, freight inquiry, cargo tracking, etc.In providing commodities trading service, support for the coal, ore, steel, food, chemical, cement, mine, coke, 11 categories such as chemical fertilizers, timber, drink food supplies online trading and logistics service providing.At the same time provide commodity trading services, including goods of choose and buy, in line to pay, logistics distribution, network marketing, customer service, etc.

It should be said that in order to break the original transportation business model, change the operation mode and the expansion of product diversification, the railway is through continuous brewing and try a variety of services, determine its cake in modern logistics industry do chapter.The news has just issued, it received wide attention in the society, all kinds of media to track, it serves to show how big the move brings to the national economy and people's livelihood.

Transformation journey must be thorns everywhere, abnormal difficult, as long as you cling to the mighty arm, boldness, with the courage of willing to sacrifice immediate interests and local interests, bold break the bondage of the old thinking mode, set up the new thought and the management idea, with the marketization of railway operation, believe that these measures will promote the railway comprehensive to market, the railway transportation capacity the public resources more open and fair service to the society and the masses of customers, for all the more rich, more professional, more high quality logistics services.