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Guangxi bureau held express business business license in the class

AUTHOR:admin PUBLISHED:2015-05-22 CLICK:正在读取
Recently, the guangxi autonomous region in hezhou postal service express delivery business in the business license class.In the cities the relevant person in charge of postal service, a total of 60 people participation.

Training this year are summarized in the express delivery market supervision, to deploy the next stage express the continuation of the business license and issue a special, express delivery service quality, administrative law enforcement, such as priority, organizational learning, the express business business license management, postal administrative law enforcement and the operation of the system and method of use.Wuzhou, yulin, liuzhou, hechi city bureau has carried on the work experience exchange.

Guangxi bureau of market regulation next work put forward three requirements: one is to do a better job of express business business license management under the new situation.Correctly handle the relationship between the licensing examination and approval to grasp and put, at the same time of streamline processes, strict professional qualifications in accordance with the audit enterprise.Through the establishment of licensing examination and approval of the green channel system, such as setting an example enterprise, provide convenience for examination and approval, guide the industry law-abiding business, credit management, form a prelude for the good vibes.High sense of service, establish a good image of postal management team.The second is to further strengthen industry safety supervision work.Will be collected at the implementation of the examination system and the administrative law enforcement.To further enhance the promotion of industry.Should set up a sound management mechanism, to do a good job of emergency management.Strengthen communication and coordination with relevant departments, the implementation of the central comprehensive management of public good, nine departments, such as national post office "about strengthening mail, express some meaning delivering safety management See ".Three is to do a basic work for the postal market regulation.Pay special attention to the postal articles appliance market, stamp collecting market statistics and registration and filing work, form a complete parameter.To further strengthen the administrative law enforcement and security check system information provided, to ensure timely and comprehensive report.