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Tray cycle common logistics equipment in the system, the standardization construction

AUTHOR:admin PUBLISHED:2015-05-22 CLICK:正在读取
In our country, the tray use most is the enterprise internal flow, widely used on shipment, tray, not the factory.Although repeatedly plate during transit, human cost, the goods easy to damage, but there was no better method.Disposable trays with low cost, can to a certain extent, solve the problem, but will produce a great waste of resources, so the disposable tray is used for international transportation and long-distance transportation, more difficult to widely use.In this case, the solution of the recovery and recycling of pallets to adopt social organization.In many developed countries have established a Shared system tray, tray can be implemented within the scope of the whole society to recycle, greatly improving the efficiency of supply chain logistics.

For our country, accelerate the standardization tray cycle of sharing, to improve the level of standardization of logistics, reduce logistics cost, improve the efficiency of logistics, has the vital significance.

The share system involving logistics equipment standards, tray

At present, the tray cycle sharing systems involve many logistics equipment standards, including standard pallets, logistics transport vehicles, storage shelves, etc.In addition, in order to make the tray cycle sharing system is able to swim up and down smoothly between the enterprises in the supply chain, in addition to the cooperation agreement between businesses, also need to the whole supply chain of each node in the product standard, transport, handling equipment, storage facilities and other aspects have uniform standards and norms of flow process, including: the specifications of the pallet size, quality acceptance standard, circulation share operation specification, service specification, transportation vehicles, forklifts and shelf specifications, etc.With the rapid development of logistics industry and its impact on the national economy more and more important, logistics standardization is increasingly urgent.

At present, the pallet industry related national and industry standards include: "transport general pinto plate of main dimensions and tolerance", "transport general even tray performance requirements and test selection", "transport general pinto plate, wooden pinto plate", "transport general pinto plate test method", "tray code and barcode said" and so on.However, these standards were not tray share management cycle.In order to make up for the vacancy, national standards approved by the committee and the ministry of commerce, etc. The door had been in and are working on a series of involving the tray cycle Shared standards and industry standards, including the pallet job sharing system specification, the sharing system tray marking system, the sharing system of plastic pinto plate quality, the share system tray unit load size and load, the sharing system tray requirements, the pallet handling equipment sharing system requirements, the share system tray vehicle requirements, share system tray storage facilities to pray, "Shared system tray management norms", "tray common system maintenance management norms", "share system tray electronic label application specification" and the "guidelines for tray Shared information management system" and so on.